Baby V Post Image

The Birth of Baby Girl V!

Monday Evening After a great weekend enjoying her baby shower, Emily was admitted to the hospital for monitoring due to high blood pressure. Up until this point, the only thing being regularly monitored in the pregnancy had been gestational diabetes, which was being treated successfully through diet. After staying for a few hours Emily was […] Read more…

Welcome Baby K

The Birth of Baby Girl K!

Monday Morning After a weekend filled with early labor, a walk on the beach, and lots of laying low, Alex was eager to have labor begin before her final scheduled birth center appointment that Monday morning. Even more so since she had passed both of her original guess dates; the closest being four days prior. […] Read more…

Why Hire a Labor Doula Post Image

Why Hire A Labor Doula?

    So just what is a labor doula? Basically the title means labor coach, but a great doula fills many roles. They can support your partner, advocate for your wishes, ease the intensity of labor, provide helpful local resources, encourage an environment conducive to breastfeeding and bonding, and in many cases help you and […] Read more…

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